Drumnuts.com is an on-line community with games, music and information for student drummers and anyone else 'Nuts' about drums


 Drumnuts will introduce you to the sights and sounds of the great drummers that have gone before us and the people keeping the beat in music today.

Listen to and learn   Famous drum beats.

 Download Charts  and Songs for the drums.

 Buy drum books  and music for the drums.

See the biggest, best and  Funniest drum videos 



 Play rhythm & co-ordination based games   to educate & entertain, a great addition to regular drum practice

Play the  Virtual Drum Sets   right here on your computer

Programme beats and rhythms into the  Drum Machines 

Test your knowledge with the  Drumnuts Drum Quiz 




Get a rundown on everything you need to know when starting out on the drums.

  Questions  about the drums answered.

Guides to;  buying drums  tuning drums  setting up drums cymbals & more.



 Chat with other drummers  or meet other musicians to form bands. Have your questions answered or just voice your opinion on anything to do with drums or drumming.



 Visit the  Drum Legends Gallery  to see pics, videos and information on famous drummers from the past and present


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